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Are you thinking about what cupping works for? Let’s know about it! Cupping is the best cure for several diseases. It purifies the blood and has a good effect on the arteries. It is useful for relieving muscle stiffness, asthma and lung diseases, and angina. It relieves headaches, head and facial boils, migraines, and toothaches.


People consume fast and spicy foods, which is harmful to health. Toxic materials start accumulating in the blood because of consistently using unhealthy food. If these toxins are not removed, many medical problems may start and cause extreme anxiety. If you do cupping after a few weeks or months, it not only helps in removing toxins from the body but also reduces the risk of many diseases. Prophet (ﷺ) got cupped himself and also recommend it to us by declaring it the best treatment for diseases.

  • Narrated Ibn `Abbas: When the Prophet (ﷺ) was cupped, he paid the man who cupped him his wages. If it had been undesirable he would not have paid him ( Sahih al-Bukhari 2279)

It is considered to be the best treatment for wounds as it can speed up the healing process of the wound and improves blood flow. It also provides energy to the body.  Along with this, with the help of cupping, the muscle pain also decreases and the body relaxes.

  • Narrated Ibn `Abbas: The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Healing is in three things: cupping, a gulp of honey or cauterization, (branding with fire) but I forbid my followers to use cauterization (branding with fire). ( Sahih al-Bukhari 5681)

Cupping is the most useful remedy in traditional and modern treatments to get rid of respiratory diseases. It relieves many respiratory ailments, besides reducing chest and lung tension. After cupping therapy, lung function is increased, which helps to expel mucus from the body.  If the mucus formed in the lungs is not removed with the help of coughing, it increases the risk of many diseases, because the mucus germs start spreading throughout the body.  Along with this, Cupping can also be useful against the different infections of the respiratory tract.

  1. IMPROVES SKIN HEALTH: If you want glowing and healthy skin, Cupping is a great option for you. Cupping not only improves blood circulation in the body but also increases oxygen and nutrients that help to improve your skin. Cupping reduces the risk of different skin diseases like acne, scars, and eczema.
  2. TREATMENT FOR MALE IMPOTENCE: Cupping is considered to be the best treatment for male impotence as it improves blood flow, even to specific organs.  Sometimes impotence is also faced due to some physical and psychological problems, cupping therapy reduces these problems and results in the treatment of impotence.
  3. CURE FOR URINARY TRACT PROBLEMS: Cupping can be very useful against various urinary tract problems and kidney stones. Cupping cups are placed on the upper part of the thighs to get rid of urinary tract problems.
  4. THE BEST CURE FOR CHRONIC FATIGUE: Most people have hectic routines. Even if someone has free time, peace of mind is very rare due to smartphones and laptops.  It causes chronic fatigue symptoms which can lead to many difficulties.  Cupping can be a great option to avoid chronic fatigue because it is useful for relieving muscle stiffness.
  5. USEFUL FOR WEIGHT LOSS: You can get rid of obesity with the help of cupping therapy.  By this method, the colon starts to release waste and toxins, which leads to weight loss.  Apart from this, it also boosts your immune system which reduces the risk of several diseases relevant to weight.
  6. IMPROVES THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: The digestive system can also be improved with the help of cupping. It plays an important role in combating digestive problems caused by chronic stress, unbalanced nutrition levels, and immune system problems.


Through cupping, we can get rid of the medicines which have become a part of our life. It is useful for eye diseases, uterine diseases, and menstrual cramps.  It is also utilitarian in shoulder, chest, and back pain. Cupping is also helpful in diseases of laziness, lethargy, and excessive sleepiness, for canker sores, boils, acne, and scabies. It is useful in heart cover and nephritis and also for allergies. If there is pain in any part of the body, it will be beneficial to apply cupping to that place. Healthy people can also perform cupping because it is Sunnah and prevent us from many diseases.

Hijama Therapy


Hijama Therapy in Kannur

In modern times, many methods have been invented to treat diseases and some old methods are adopted, in which one method of treatment that has been going on for centuries is Hijama (Cupping). The meaning of hijama is to pull/suck. In this process, a little blood is extracted from the skin of different parts. As human health depends on the body’s blood, so if the blood is purified, then the person is healthy; otherwise, he suffers from various diseases.

Hijama Therpy in Kannur


Hijama is an ancient treatment recommended by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and the angels. In this ancient method of treatment, various diseases are treated by extracting bad blood from 143 places in the body. Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) declared hijama as the best treatment.

إِنْ كَانَ فِي شَىْءٍ مِمَّا تَدَاوَوْنَ بِهِ خَيْرٌ فَالْحِجَامَةُ ‏

Abu Huraira reported that Prophet (ﷺ) said: “If there is something excellent to be used as a remedy, then it is Hijama Cupping”. [Sunan Ibn Majah, 3476]

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If we examine the historical background of hijama, it is known that the first book on medical science was written in 1500 BC, which was written using the ancient Egyptian language. The surprising thing is that people knew about the Hijama method and its benefits even before this book. The book name is Ebers Papyrus. Despite many differences among scholars about the authorship of this book, all people recognize this book as a great work of ancient times. In the discoveries of the pyramids of Egypt and other ancient civilizations, some images were also found, which were engraved on the walls and large rocks by the artists of that period, depicting the important events of that time. The work of art created by them included the prevalent methods of treatment and surgeries of that era. They contain images of shapes and tools that depict the performance of hijama.  The ancient book Ebers Papyrus describes the treatment method practiced during this era of Hijama.

Hijama Therpy in Kannur

He (ﷺ) explained: “The best medicine with which you treat yourselves is Hijama, or it is one of the best of your medicines,” or “The best treatment you can use is Hijama.” [Sahih Bukhari Hadith-No: 5371]

In hijama, scratches were applied to certain parts of the body and a tool with a hole in the tip was used to breathe through this hole, and then the hole was sealed with beeswax. Hijama is also mentioned in ancient Chinese civilization. In an ancient medical book that is written three thousand years ago, hijama was declared as the best treatment.

Hijama Therapy in Taliparamba


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a central role in yoga and acupuncture. Hijama is also honored as the national treatment method of China. According to Chinese medical science, the energy found inside the human body is called “Chi” which means force, energy, or the waves that flow through our body and control or provide power to all functions. Scientists are also amazed at how humans solved such a complex medical system thousands of years ago. Apart from this book, archaeologists have also discovered an ancient book of Chinese civilization. According to this book, the Hijama method of treatment has been practiced in China since 3000 BC. According to Grace, among the discovered works of Hippocrates in the civilization, some papers were written 400 years before Christ and in them, the four main points of the Hijama procedure were presented. These four points were also described by Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

Hijama Therapy in Taliparamba

Modern medical science is now increasingly turning towards Hijama. Western scientists and research institutions are constantly engaged in research on hijama, the basis of all this research is the oldest medical book. The famous scientist also carried forward the research on the four-point formula described by Hijama. These scientists include Ibn Nafis, Abul Qais, and Ibn Sina, whose books were taught in European universities until the 18th century AD. They were also translated into many languages of the world. In the United States and Europe, Hijama treatment was carried out until the 1920s.


Hijama is not a new thing of this era; rather it has deeply rooted in ancient ages. The diseases that do not cure even with the most expensive treatment disappear within a short period of Hijama treatment as if they never existed. Depression, insomnia, high and low blood pressure, arthritis, and many other diseases are cured by Hijama.

Ruqya Treatment


Magic (Sehr) is a false satanic practice that has been going on since ancient times i.e. the time of Moses (peace be upon him) or even earlier, which took the form of a regular business among the people during the reign of Solomon (peace be upon him) and the wicked people of the society. These evil acts were done to harm the people.

To nullify and break it and distinguish between truth and falsehood, Allah Almighty sent his two angels Harut and Marut in human form as a test to tell people that this magic is a different thing which is false knowledge while Prophetic sciences and teachings are based on divine revelation, which is pure goodness and mercy. Therefore, apart from the prophetic sciences and teachings, do not take the path of disbelief by taking magic which is a false thing, but still, people continued to engage in this false practice and used to harm each other through this magic.
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The description of magic is in detail in the verses of Surah Al-Baqarah [verse# 102] in the Holy Quran:

“They ˹instead˺ followed the magic promoted by the devils during the reign of Solomon. Never did Solomon disbelieve, rather the devils disbelieved. They taught magic to the people, along with what had been revealed to the two angels, Hârût and Mârût, in Babylon. The two angels never taught anyone without saying, “We are only a test ˹for you˺, so do not abandon ˹your˺ faith.” Yet people learned ˹magic˺ that caused a rift ˹even˺ between husband and wife; although their magic could not harm anyone except by Allah’s Will. They learned what harmed them and did not benefit them—although they already knew that whoever buys into magic would have no share in the Hereafter. Miserable indeed was the price for which they sold their souls, if only they knew!”

Even today in this Ummah, there are evil and rebellious people of the type of devils in our society, among them there are sorcerers (magicians) who are inferior to other evildoers, envious and evil-seeking evil people of the society. Combined, these subversive and satanic sciences create conflicts between innocent, ignorant, and innocent people through witchcraft and especially between husband and wife and other members of the family.
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Ruqyah Shariah refers to Shariah treatment. By doing it in the state of any disease, any pain or injury, and evil effects, healing is granted by the will of Allah Almighty. The following methods are used to perform Ruqyah Sharia:


Recite Surah Al-Nas and Surah Al-Falaq, blow into your hands, and rub them on your body.
Narrated Aisha: During the Prophet's fatal illness, he used to recite the Mu'auwidhat (Surat An-Nas and Surat Al- Falaq) and then blow his breath over his body. When his illness was aggravated, I used to recite those two Suras and blow my breath over him and make him rub his body with his hand for its blessings." (Mamar asked Az-Zuhri: How did the Prophet (ﷺ) use to blow? Az-Zuhri said: He used to blow on his hands and then passed them over his face.). (Ref: Sahih al-Bukhari 5735)


It is better to recite Ruqya shari’ah for the Evil eye, Envy, Stings, and Pustules. To apply Ruqyah shari’a to the area of pain or injury, mix ground sand or clay with your saliva and apply it to the affected area.
‘A’isha reported that when any person fell ill with a disease or he had any ailment or he had any injury, the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) placed his forefinger upon the ground and then lifted it by reciting the name of Allah. (And said): The dust of our ground with the saliva of any one of us would serve as a means whereby our illness would be cured with the sanction of Allah. This hadith has been transmitted under the authority of Ibn Abu Shaiba and Zubair with a slight variation of wording. (Ref: Sahih Muslim 2194)


Uthman b. Abu al-‘As Al-Thaqafi reported that he made a complaint of pain to Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) that he felt in his body at the time he had become Muslim. Thereupon Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said: Place your hand at the place where you feel pain in your body and say Bismillah (in the name of Allah) three times and seven times A’udhu billahi wa qudratihi min sharri ma ajidu wa uhadhiru (I seek refuge with Allah and with His Power from the evil that I find and that I fear). أَعُوذُ بِاللَّهِ وَقُدْرَتِهِ مِنْ شَرِّ مَا أَجِدُ وَأُحَاذِرُ
(Ref: Sahih Muslim 2202)

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Recite Surah al-Fatihah as a ruqyah, collect your saliva and then spit on the spot for healing.
Narrated Abu Sa`id Al-Khudri: Some of the companions of the Prophet (ﷺ) came across a tribe amongst the tribes of the Arabs, and that tribe did not entertain them. While they were in that state, the chief of that tribe was bitten by a snake (or stung by a scorpion). They said, (to the companions of the Prophet (ﷺ) ), “Have you got any medicine with you or anybody who can treat with Ruqya?” The Prophet’s companions said, “You refuse to entertain us, so we will not treat (your chief) unless you pay us for it.” So they agreed to pay them a flock of sheep. One of them (the Prophet’s companions) started reciting Surat-al-Fatiha and gathering his saliva and spitting it (at the snake-bite). The patient got cured and his people presented the sheep to them, but they said, “We will not take it unless we ask the Prophet (whether it is lawful).” When they asked him, he smiled and said, “How do you know that Surat-al-Fatiha is a Ruqya? Take it (flock of sheep) and assign a share for me.” ( Ref: Sahih al-Bukhari 5736)


We can also perform Ruqyah only by supplicating to Allah
Abu Sa’eed narrated that: Jibril came to the Prophet and said: “O Muhammad! Are you suffering?” He said: “Yes.” He said: “In the Name of Allah, I recite a prayer (Ruqyah) over you, from the evil of every person and the evil eye. In the Name of Allah I recite a prayer (Ruqyah) over you, may Allah cure you.” (Ref: Jami` at-Tirmidhi 972)


We can also recite verses of the Quran and blow on water, then drink it and bathe with it.
It was narrated that Umm Jundub said: “I saw the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) stoning the ‘Aqabah Pillar from the bottom of the valley on the Day of Sacrifice, then he went away. A woman from Khath’am followed him, and with her was a son of hers who had been afflicted, he could not speak. She said: ‘O Messenger of Allah! This is my son, and he is all I have left of my family. He has been afflicted and cannot speak.’ The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘Bring me some water.’ So it was brought, and he washed his hands and rinsed out his mouth. Then he gave it to her and said: ‘Give him some to drink, and pour some over him, and seek Allah’s healing for him.’” She (Umm Jundub) said: “I met that woman and said: ‘Why don’t you give me some?’ She said: ‘It is only for the sick one.’ I met that woman one year later and asked her about the boy. She said: ‘He recovered and became (very) smart, not like the rest of the people.’” (Ref: Sunan Ibn Majah 3532)

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Remember that Allah Almighty has not created any disease for which Allah Almighty has not revealed a cure. When a man, woman, or child has such anxiety and problems or such a disease that is not cured by the known treatment method, or if a person is restless and his affairs are scattered, then there are three dangerous causes, i.e. witchcraft, bad vision, and the matter of Jinn. For which the Shariah remedy is supplications and dhikr derived from the Book and Sunnah for Ruqyah Shariah.

Ruqya Treatment


The strict significance of Black Magic is to cause something to show up in a structure other than its genuine one. Wizardry happens when a Magician, Sorcerer, Soothsayer, and so forth causes misrepresentation to have all the earmarks of being valid or causes something to show up diversely to individuals other than its actual structure.
The specialized importance of black magic is anything of which the reason is covered up and which shows up in a structure other than its genuine one to misshape the truth of things and mislead. There has been a colossal contrast of assessment among the researchers as a result of its inclination so the definitions shift broadly. In any case, dark sorcery is anything that the reason for which is covered up and which shows up in a structure other than its genuine one to misshape the truth of things and trick.

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There has been a wide distinction of assessment among the researchers of fiqh, law specialists, and different researchers due to its inclination, so the definition shifts broadly. Sihr is anything that the reason for which is covered up, and which shows up in a structure other than its genuine one, intending to contort the truth of things and delude. Al-Badawi got out whatever is implied by sihr is that one looks to be close with Shaytaan to accomplish which man can’t achieve without anyone else. Not simply anyone can accomplish this objective of gaining the information on wizardry, the spirit of the individual must be essentially as shrewd as Shaytaan. The information on black magic depends on specific gems and numbers, seeing star signs, soothsaying and taking articles and images of the individual and applying them at the right time and expressions of wickedness and corruption are utilized. In this, he looks for evil assistance, and this is how the individual is distressed in a weird manner, which can’t be cleared up for the psyche of man. This is against the laws of Islam. Sihr is comprised of the impacts of detestable spirits and the response of the spirit whether combatting the force be frail or solid. The Hanbali’s say sihr is hitched, talking spells, composing, and acts that impact an individual heart, body, or psyche by implication.

Al-Badawi (RA) got out whatever is implied by back enchantment is that one looks to be near the Shaytaan to accomplish what man can’t achieve without anyone else. Not anybody can accomplish the objective of getting the information on wizardry; the spirit of the individual must be detestable and fiendish as Shaytaan. The information on black magic depends on specific gems and numbers, seeing star signs, soothsaying and taking items and photos of an individual, and afterward applying them at the right time alongside expressions of wickedness and unethical behavior. In this, he looks for evil assistance and this is how the individual is burdened in a peculiar manner that can’t be made sense of coherently. All of this is against the laws of Islam.

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The Hanbali say dark sorcery is hitched, talking spells, composing, and acts that impact an individual’s heart, brain, or body by implication.
Ibn Qudama Al-Maqdisi (RA) said dark sorcery is a bunch of bunches, chants, and words articulated or composed, completed to influence the body of the subject, his heart or brain without coming into contact with him/her. The truth of dark sorcery is that there are types that can kill, nauseate or frustrate a man’s sex with his significant other. Different sorts can isolate companions and make them disdain or love one another.
Ibn Al-Qayyim (RA) said dark wizardry is a blend of the impacts of detestable spirits and the response of regular powers. (Zaad Al Ma’ad)
Dark Enchantment is an understanding between an alchemist and a shaytaan which specifies that a magician satisfy the shaytaan’s solicitations by committing specific unlawful or polytheistic demonstrations as a trade-off for the shaytaan to help and comply with the alchemists demands. The following are a few instances of the circumstances that an alchemist should satisfy:

  • Involving the Qur’an as footwear to go to the latrine
  • Thinking of some Qur’anic versus with rottenness
  • Thinking of some Qur’anic versus with menus releaseKeeping in touch with some Qur’anic versus under the alchemist’s feet
  • Anagrammatising (writing backward) the initial part (Al-Fatihah) of the Qur’an.
  • Performing petitions without bathing
  • Staying in a province of Janaaba (significant pollutant)
  • Forfeiting creatures for the sake of shaytaan and not in that frame of mind of Allah and setting the remains at an area indicated by the shaytaan.
  • Prostrating to other than Allah (SWT), whether it is a human, jinn, planet, object and so forth
  • Committing inbreeding
  • Composing chants with that which is mistrust

It is accordingly evident that the Jinn don’t help the magician without something consequently, and the more prominent the alchemists mistrust, the quicker and more respectful the shaytaan is to him/her in executing the orders given.


  • He gets some information about one’s name and one’s mom’s name.
  • He requests the butcher of a creature or bird regardless of whether it has explicit qualities. He could likewise request the blood to be spread on the wiped out individual or may not inquire.
  • He advises the wiped out individual to eat a particular sort of food or to drink a particular sort of drink for a particular timeframe while avoiding individuals in an obscured room during this period.
  • He gives the wiped out individual paper to consume and fragrance himself with the smoke (like incense), or to hang the paper or cover it.
  • Drawing letters, numbers, hexagons or destroying the expressions of Allah.
  • Articulating unlimited words or words in a language other than Arabic or a language known and grasped by individuals.
Ruqya Treatment

Proof FROM THE QUR’AN AND SUNNAH TO Demonstrate THAT black magic EXISTS

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Allah (JAL) says:

“And they followed [instead] what the devils had recited during the reign of Sulaiman (AS) but it was not Sulaiman who disbelieved, but it was the devils who disbelieved; Teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut and Marut. But the two angels do not teach anyone unless they say, “We are a trial, so do not disbelieve [by practicing magic].” And [yet] they learn from them that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife. But they do not harm anyone through it except by permission of Allah. And the people learn what harms them and does not benefit them. But the Children of Israel certainly knew that whoever purchased the magic would not have in the Hereafter any share. And wretched is that for which they sold themselves, if they only knew.” (Al-Baqarah: 102)

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“And they said: ‘No matter what sign you bring us with which to bewitch us, we will not be believers in you.’” (Al-A’raf: 132)

“And when they had thrown, Moses said: ‘What you have brought is [only] magic. Indeed, Allah will expose its worthlessness. Indeed, Allah does not amend the work of corrupters.’” (Yunus: 81)

“Say: ‘I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak. From the evil of that which He created. And from the evil of darkness when it settles. And from the evil of the blowers in knots. And from the evil of an envier when he envies.’” (Al-Falaq: 1-5)

Narrated from Abdullah ibn Umar (RAA); Two men came from the East and addressed the people who wondered at their eloquent speech. On that Allah’s Messenger ﷺ said: “Some eloquent speech is as effective as Magic.” (Bukhari)

Narrated from Aisha (RAA); “A man known as Labid ibn al-A’sam from the tribe of Banu Zurayq performed magic on Allah’s Messenger ﷺ until Allah’s Messenger ﷺ started imagining that he had done something which he had not really done. One day or one night while he was with me, he invoked Allah (SWT) for a long period and then said, ‘O Aisha! Do you know that Allah has instructed me concerning the matter I have asked him about? Two men came to me and one of them sat near my head and the other near my feet. One of them said to his companion, ‘What is it that pains this man?’ The other replied, ‘He is under the effect of Matbob’. The first one asked, ‘Who did it?’ The other replied, ‘Labid Ibn Al-A’sam.’ The first one asked, ‘What material did he use?’ The other replied, ‘A comb and the hairs stuck to it and the pollen of a male date palm.’ The first one asked, ‘Where is that?’ The other replied, ‘That is in the well of Daman!” So Allah’s Messenger ﷺ along with some of his companions went there and returned saying, ‘O Aisha, the colour of its water is like the infusion of henna leaves and the tops of the date-palm trees near it are like the heads of the devils.’ I asked, ‘O Allah’s Messenger? Why don’t you show it (to the people)?’ He said, ‘Since Allah (SWT) has cured me, I would not like to let evil spread amongst the people.’ Then he ordered that the well be filled up with earth.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

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According to Al Mu’tazilah, they have rejected the above Hadith on the grounds that it would undermine the status of Prophethood and cast doubt over its authenticity. They say accepting this Hadith and the likes of it would weaken the credibility of Islamic Law. They gave as an example that when the Prophet ﷺ said Jibreel (AS) had come to him, they said he had only imagined him coming and that he had only imagined the divine inspiration. According to Al Mazari, this is completely untrue because the proof of the Message which is the miracle of receiving divine Inspiration is indicative of the Prophet’s truthfulness and his infallible character in conveying the message. Therefore, believing in something that has been invalidated by evidence is wrong. (Zaad Al Muslim: 4/221)

According to Abu Al-Janki Al Yousifi, the Prophet’s ﷺ illness which was a result of the effect of sihr done to him, did not affect the status of his Prophethood. This is because illness without any delirious effect in this life befell the Messengers at large and would even increase their status in the next life. Therefore, the fact that Prophet ﷺ imagined, as a result of the illness caused by sihr, that he had done something of life’s daily routine activities which he had not done and the fact that he completely recovered from the illness with the support of Allah (SWT), who revealed the site where the sihr was buried, means the message would not be affected by this at all as it was an illness like any other. In reality, the sihr did not affect his reasoning but only his perception. The Prophet ﷺ imagining touching one of his wives which he didn’t actually do, such acts of imagination are not harmful to a person’s health.

Abu Hurairah (RAA) narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said: “Avoid the seven deadly sins.” People asked, ‘What are they?’ The Prophet ﷺ replied, “Shirk (polytheism), Sihr (Magic), unlawful killing of a person, living on money from usury, usurping an orphan’s wealth, retreating at the time of Jihad and accusing an innocent married women of fornication.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

On the basis of the above Hadith, the Prophet ﷺ warned that sihr must be avoided as it is one of the most serious sins, and this is enough of an evidence to prove that it exists.

Abdullah ibn Abbas (RAA) narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said: “A person who has acquired knowledge of one of the sciences of Astrology, has acquired knowledge of one of the branches of sihr. The more his knowledge of Astrology is enriched the more expansive his knowledge of sihr becomes.” (Abu Dawood & Ibn Maajah)

In this Hadith, the Prophet ﷺ refers to Astrology as one of the branches of learning sihr and therefore it is upon the Muslims to shun it. This Hadith is also an evidence to show that sihr is a real science that can be learnt. Further evidence can be seen in the following verse: “And they followed [instead] what the devils had recited during the reign of Sulaiman (AS) but it was not Sulaiman who disbelieved, but it was the devils who disbelieved. Teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut and Marut. But the two angels do not teach anyone unless they say, “We are a trial, so do not disbelieve [by practicing magic].” And [yet] they learn from them that by which they cause separation between a man and his wife. But they do not harm anyone through it except by permission of Allah. And the people learn what harms them and does not benefit them. But the Children of Israel certainly knew that whoever purchased the magic would not have in the Hereafter any share. And wretched is that for which they sold themselves, if only they knew.” (Al-Baqarah: 102)

It is therefore clear from the above verse and Hadith that sihr is a science like other sciences, having its own fundamentals. Nevertheless, the Qur’an and Sunnah condemn the learning of sihr.

Imran ibn Husayn (RAA) narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said, “He is not one of us who practices “Tatayyur” (ominousness) or has it done for him; who practices “Takahhun” (soothsaying) or has it done for him or who practices “Sihr” (magic) or has it done for him. Whosoever has sought the services of a soothsayer and believed in what he has come with has in fact disbelieved in the Message sent upon Muhammad ﷺ.” (Al-Haythami stated in Al-Majma’ (5/20), Al-Bazar and the chain of transmission includes authorities which fulfil the requirements of transmitting authentic traditions)

The Prophet’s ﷺ warning against practicing soothsaying, magic or ominousness is again proof of its existence otherwise the Prophet ﷺ wouldn’t have warned against it.

Abu Musa Al-Ash’ari (RAA) narrated that the Prophet ﷺ said, “He who drinks alcohol regularly, believes that the power of magic to harm an individual is independent of Allah’s intervention or severs relations with one’s kin will not enter Paradise.” (Ibn Hibban)

The evidence for magic existing from the above Hadith again lies in the Prophet’s ﷺ warning against believing in the power of sihr to affect an individual independently of Allah’s intervention.