Ruqyah Shariya

A Remedy for Illnesses, Evil Eye, Magic and Jinn from the Qur’ān and Sunnah


The truth is we do know Ruqyah. We have learnt about it in primary school maddressa. Our Ulama have learnt the Hadith which speak about Ruqyah in our Darul Ulooms. In fact most of us have at sometime in our lives practiced Ruqyah! Shocked? Don’t be!

Have you ever read your “four Quls” and blown on yourself?…Then you have done “Ruqyah” on yourself. If any parent reads “Ayatul Kursi” for protection for their children? Ruqyah again!

So is Ruqyah something new or alien to us? The latest trend to hit our shores? No, quite the opposite. It’s really going back to our roots, going back to the way things were done in the time of our Nabi.

So what exactly is Ruqyah? Ruqyah means reciting Qur’an and supplications (Duas) reported from the Messenger of Allah r over someone as a means of protection, or over the sick as a means of being cured. It is an excellent means of cure. Nabi used to recite over the sick and so did the Sahaabah, may Allah be pleased with them.

“And We send down from the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism and act on it), and it increases the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers) nothing but loss.”

– Al Quran Surah Al Isra Chapter no. 17: Ayah no. 80


Simply speaking a Raaqi is a practioner who has studied and understands the science of ruqyah according to the Qur’aan and Sunnah and who has dedicated his or her life to fighting the battle against shirk, sihr( magic), jinn and the treatment of evil eye and envy.


A Raaqi should be able to fluently recite Qur’aan. His belief in the words of the Qur’aan should be strong and he should practice upon it. The more focus is put into the recitation, the more powerful will the ruqya effect be , with the permission of Allah. Now, a level of righteousness on behalf of Raaqi that is powerful enough to remove sorcery and evil eye needs to be defined. The person must have experienced accepted prayers and obtained divine responses at least from time to time in difficult situations. He should also try to solve serious problems by beseeching Allah and amongst others, he should adopt taqwa (piety), be Allah fearing and be a righteous, practicing Muslim. The situation with Ruqyah is similar: the Raaqi appeals to Allah to cure the patient and uses Allah’s words. There are higher faith levels but that is not a condition to cure people, though it is obvious that the more faith we have, the more efficient we will be in healing.

We can recite Qur’aan with speed, but what is more important is to feel each verse and the word we read. With practice, the Raaqi tries to perfect his concentration, begging Allah for the patients’ shifaa, while keeping the meaning of the verses in mind, and reading with emotion, power, speed and of course following the rules of tajweed. We cannot say that a Raaqi must be sinless or make thikr 24 hours a day, but obviously, he must strive to adhere to the orders of Allah, and must try to stay away from all sin.


First and foremost it is very important to reiterate that Allaah alone is The One who gives shifa. There is no might no power Except Allaah. A Raaqi is only a sabab or a means through which Allaah manifests his cure on the ones who are sick.

That been said it’s also necessary to know about the person who is performing the ruqyah. So here is a brief introduction of the raaqi.

Muhammed Sahal is based out of Kannur, Kerala, India whose expertise lies in the field of ruqyah for many years and have treated thousands of patience across Kerala, Bangalore, Hyderabad and many other parts of India as well as overseas. While the field of ruqyah is something that’s been widely misused by individuals with selfish motives, Muhammad Sahal remains one of the few Raaqis who strive to stick to the methodology of the pious predecessors upon the Quran and Sunnah.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “The evil eye is true. If anything could outdo the decree, it would be the evil eye.” (Muslim) He ﷺ also said: “The evil eye is true. It can cause a mountain to collapse.” (Ahmad) and he ﷺ said: “Most of those who die amongst my Ummah do so – after the will and decree of Allah ﷻ – because of the evil eye.” (Bazzār)


The list below are some of the signs of the effects of the evil eye. Please note that with all three inflictions (the evil eye, black magic and jinn) the list of symptoms provided in this treatise is not exhaustive. Also, these symptoms could be caused by other means. It is meant only as general information for educational purposes. For an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis please see a trained professional.

        ➢ Changing of the colour of the face. The faces of people will go dark, some pale, or a yellow pallor.

        ➢ Finding it hard to sleep during the night and feeling sleepy during the day. Sweating while sleeping from the forehead, back, hands and feet.

        ➢ Feeling of boredom, hopelessness and carelessness.

        ➢ Aspirations feel out of reach. Whatever ambitions you have.

        ➢ You feel as though you are incapable, or that you should postpone trying.

        ➢ No zest or zeal for life.

        ➢ No desire to do things you used to enjoy doing or were good at.

        ➢ Inability to do things you used to enjoy doing or were good at.

        ➢ Headaches that move from one part of the head to another.

        ➢ Weak appetite.

        ➢ Heat or cold in the limbs.

        ➢ Palpitations in the heart.

        ➢ Pain in the lower back and shoulders.

        ➢ Sadness and anxiety.

        ➢ Strong reactions due to abnormal fears.


With regards to Sihr there are four main symptoms which are:

        ➢ Repeated blockages in life (personal and Professional).

        ➢ Untreatable and/or unexplained medical conditions.

        ➢ Unusual mental states (excessive anger, depression, or fear).

        ➢ Specific nightmares or dreams

All other symptoms fall broadly into one of the above four categories.

        ➢ Feeling relaxed or calm out of your home while feeling anxious, and apprehensive at home/work.

        ➢ Fighting with your spouse for no reason, or for small reasons.

        ➢ Unappreciation of good done by the spouse.

        ➢ Feelings of love when apart from the spouse with feelings of loathing when together.

        ➢ Inability to produce offspring even though both husband and wife are medically fit.

        ➢ Hair loss.

        ➢ Constant headaches and/or body pains.

        ➢ Stomach/digestive problems.

        ➢ Rashes, eczema, psoriasis or other skin disorders.

        ➢ Irregular menstrual periods in females or other gynaecological problems.

        ➢ Difficulties in having intimate relations between spouses.

        ➢ Heat in the body or falling asleep during Qur’aan recitation.


The Jinn can cause mental disturbance via. Waswasaa (whispering). They will continue to speak to you in matters of faith/relationships/ and this will be targeted to that particular person. They will address their areas of weakness and will target them to fall into sin. Other symptoms are as follows –

        ➢ Bad dreams about aggressive animals such as being chased by Snakes, scorpions, dogs, etc.

        ➢ A feeling of falling when falling asleep.

        ➢ Feeling lazy for ibadah (worship), you might even probably stop doing ibadah (worship).

        ➢ Feeling distant from your family.

        ➢ Being scared for no reason.

        ➢ Panic attacks.

        ➢ Burning under the feet.

        ➢ Feeling a presence with you in the room, or like you are being watched.

        ➢ See fast moving black shadows from the corner of your eye.

        ➢ Sleep paralysis.

        ➢ Person is unable to stand Qur’aan recitation or feels very anxious when reading Qur’aan.

        ➢ Fainting or seizures when Qur’aan is read.


Ruqyah’ is the practice of treating illnesses through Qur’ānic āyāt and invocations as prescribed by the Messenger of Allah ﷺ. It provides a cure for evil eye, magic and physical ailments.

The Qur’ān offers perfect solace to a believer – both spiritually and physically. Ruqyah should therefore play an essential role in our lives. Allah ﷻ says: “And say: The truth has come, and falsehood has vanished. Surely falsehood is ever bound to vanish by its very nature. And We send down in the Qur’ān that which is a cure and a mercy for the believers.” (17:81-2)

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Conditions for Ruqyah to be successful



Ruqyah is a du’ā. The intention should always be to ask Allah to remove the evil by the words of the Qur’ān.


Conviction (yaqīn)

One should recite loudly and clearly, with firm conviction and belief in Allah, who Alone gives cure.


Patience & Consistency

Like all treatment, consistency is key. Daily recitation, du‘ā’ and other treatments must be maintained for positive results.

Before Ruqyah

  • Make wudhū, offer two rak‘ats and make sincere du‘ā’. Du‘ā’, especially in tahajjud, brings great reprieve and assistance from Allah ﷻ.
  • Make abundant and sincere istighfār (seeking forgiveness from Allah ﷻ), and stay away from sins. One should restore people’s rights if they have wronged anyone or taken anything unjustly.
  • Give sadaqah as it wards off calamity (Bayhaqī).
    The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “Treat your sick by giving Sadaqah.” (Bayhaqī)
    Remove animate pictures from the home. Any amulets
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During Ruqyah

  • Begin Ruqyah by sending Salawāt (salutations) upon the Prophet ﷺ. Recite the Ruqyah (see p.4 and p.5) loudly, clearly and with concentration, at least 3 or 7 times.
  • One may recite directly into the hands, blowing into them and rubbing them over the body. One can also recite whilst placing the hands over the part of the body that is in pain.
  • One may recite and blow on water. Keep the mouth close to the water, breathe into it and repeatedly blow over it. This can be used for drinking and bathing (see p.11). Olive oil and other Sunnah medicines can be recited upon and applied to the body
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Ruqyah from the Quran


Ruqyah from the Sunnah


Evil eye comes from a resentful and malevolent envy that is manifested by casting a gaze, stare or look that is envious and ill-wishing. An envier causes harm or misfortune to an unsuspecting person through his eyes, without needing his hands or tongue. The intensity of the effect differs according to the weakness of the victim and the power of the envier’s jealousy, hatred and anger.

How to Protect Oneself from Evil Eye?

  • Recite the Sunnah morning and evening Adhkār (see Ummah Welfare Trust’s Daily Adhkār book). One should also encourage their associates and also recite over children.
    Ibn al-Qayyim  wrote: ‘The evil eye is an arrow, shot by the one who is jealous, hitting (the victim) sometimes and missing it sometimes. So if the victim is uncovered and without the protection (of the adhkār), then he definitely will be affected by it. But if the victim is taking precaution (through the adhkār), then it will not affect him; rather it may happen that this arrow is returned back to the envier.’
  • Say MāshaAllah on one’s own blessings and possessions. Seek blessings from Allah ﷻ for others (e.g. BārakaAllahu feekum/lakum/’alaykum). The Prophet ﷺ said: “Whoever amongst you sees something in himself or in his possessions or in his brother that he likes, let him pray for blessings for it, because the evil eye is real.” (Hākim)
    To avoid dangerous envy, a believer should be kind and courteous to people. Salam should be spread, and gifts should be given to families
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The Messenger of Allah ﷺ supplicated with the following words for his companion who was afflicted with the evil eye:

Seeking Protection for Children

Since young children are unable to recite Ruqyah, parents should always recite Āyah al-Kursī and the last 3 Sūrahs of the Qur’ān and blow on them. Children are more vulnerable to the evil eye. It’s important therefore to teach them these āyāt as soon as possible and instruct them to recite and blow on themselves. Furthermore the Messenger of Allah ﷺ used to seek Allah’s protection for Hasan and Husayn by saying:

How to Treat the Evil Eye?

The evil eye is very common. Imam Ahmad  said: ‘Very rarely will a house be found without anyone being affected by the evil eye or jealousy.’ The method of treatment is to get the used water of the one who inflicted the evil eye, and pour it over the victim. However, in many circumstances, this is difficult to do. Therefore, one should pray Ruqyah on water (see p.4 and 5), especially the last 3 Sūrahs of the Qur’ān and bathe with it daily for 10-20 days until the symptoms disappear.

Dangers of Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of today’s life. Unfortunately it has made us much more vulnerable to evil eye. We should be wary of posting pictures of ourselves, our possessions or our children on social media. Similarly we should not wistfully gaze at the blessings of others and envy them for it. We should reflect on how using social media affects our health, family relations, spirituality and ultimately our relationship with Allah ﷻ.

How to Stop Envying Others?

  • Say MāshaAllah/BārakAllahu feek if something pleases you.
  • Give gifts and do good to those whom you envy.
  • Praise them when you wish to criticise. Make du‘ā’ for them even if reluctant to do so.
  • Know how deadly envy is and how it will only return to harm you.
  • Be content with Allah’s decree.

Your Shield: The last 3 Sūrahs of the Qur’ān

The last 3 Sūrahs of the Qur’ān are the strongest protection against envy, evil eye, magic and jinn. It is Sunnah to read them three times in the morning and evening, three times before going to sleep, once after every Salāh, and when one is ill. This shows their importance!
‘These Sūrahs are extremely effective in repelling magic, evil eye, and the rest of the evils.’ (Ibn al-Qayyim )
‘The need for a slave to seek Allah’s protection with these Sūrahs is greater than his need for eating, drinking and clothes.’ (Ibn al-Qayyim )


Jinn are a creation of Allah ﷻ and are not visible to human beings. Like humans, there are good and evil jinns. Evil jinns are also known as shayātīn (plural of shaytān). They assist the magicians and enviers in bringing harm to humans. By seeking protection with the One who created them, we need not fear jinns.
Āyah al-Kursī is the strongest protection against the evil of jinn. Other Qur’ānic verses which mention the greatness of Allah or His punishment are also effective. Ibn Kathir  writes, ‘The most beneficial cure for magic is what Allah ﷻ revealed to His Messenger ﷺ as a cure: Sūrah al-Falaq and al-Nās. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “No seeker has sought protection with anything like them.” (Abū Dāwūd) Likewise one ought to recite Āyah al-Kursī as it repels shaytān.’ The Adhān can also be read in the ear or in the home of anyone who is affected by jinns.

Additional Treatment for Magic and Jinn

Carry out the Ruqyah method outlined (see p.4 and 5).
Alongside the Ruqyah āyāt, one should read Sūrah al-Baqarah, as the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: ‘Recite Sūrah al-Baqarah; to recite it regularly and adhere to it is a blessing, to give it up is a cause of regret, and the magicians cannot confront it.’ (Muslim).
Take a Ruqyah bath with Sidr water. Grind seven green Sidr leaves (lote tree leaves) and soak them in water. Recite Ruqyah
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Individuals afflicted by magic can often feel overwhelmed when thinking about it, much to the delight of magicians and evil jinns. It is vital however that a victim remains optimistic. One should never become despondent or think they are incurable. Rather one must think highly of Allah ﷻ and have firm hope in Him.


Black Seed

“Indeed, in black seed is a cure for all diseases except sām (death).” (Muslim)


“Jibrīl ؑ informed me that cupping is the most beneficial medicine for the people.” (Hākim)


“The water of zamzam is for whatever it is drunk for.”
(Ibn Mājah)

“The best water upon the surface of the earth is zamzam water. It is a nourishing food and a cure for illnesses.”

‘Urwah ibn Zubayr ؓ reported that ‘Ā’ishah used to bring back zamzam water with her from Makkah, and she used to say: “The Messenger of Allah ﷺ used to bring back zamzam water in water skins and jars. He would pour it over the sick and make them drink it.”

“No man fills a container worse than his stomach. A few morsels that keep his back upright are sufficient for him. If he has to, then he should keep one third for food, one third for drink and one third for his breathing.”


“Make good use of senna and sannūt (honey), for indeed there is a cure in both of them for every disease except sām.”
He was asked: “O Messenger of Allah ﷺ, what is sām?”
He ﷺ replied: “Death.”
(Ibn Mājah)

Indian Incense and
Sea Incense
(al-Qust al-Hindī and al-Qust al-Bahrī)

“Treat with the Indian incense, for it heals seven diseases; it is to be sniffed by one experiencing throat trouble, and to be put into one side of the mouth of one suffering from pleurisy.”

“The best medicines you may treat yourselves with are cupping and sea incense.”

Cow’s Milk (Raw)

“Allah has not created a sickness but that He has created a cure for it, except for old age. So drink from the milk of cows, because they eat from all sorts of plants.”

Olive Oil

“Use olive oil in eating and for applying (on the body), for it is from a blessed tree.”

Talbīnah (Barley Broth)

‘Ā’ishah used to recommend talbīnah for the sick and for the bereaved.
She used to say: “I heard the Messenger of Allah ﷺ saying: ‘Talbīnah brings comfort to a sick person’s heart, and relieves some of their sorrow and grief.’”

Ajwah Dates

“Whoever eats seven ‘ajwah dates in the morning, neither magic nor poison will harm him that day.”


“Jibrīl ؑ informed me that cupping is the most beneficial medicine for the people.” (Hākim)

Having Reliance upon Allah

‘Abdullāh ibn ‘Abbās ؓ said: “One day I was behind the Messenger of Allah ﷺ (on a camel) and he said to me:
‘Son, I will teach you some words: Be mindful of Allah ﷻ and He will be mindful of you. Be mindful of Allah ﷻ and you will find Him in front of you. When you ask, then ask Allah ﷻ. When you seek help, then seek help from Allah ﷻ. Know that if the nation gathered together to benefit you with something, they would only benefit you with something that Allah ﷻ has already written for you. If they gathered together to harm you with something, they would only harm you with something that Allah ﷻ had already written against you. The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried.’” (Tirmidhī)


He deadly effects of envy, evil eye, magic and jinn are very common today. To safeguard ourselves, we should adhere to the methods of protection shown by our beloved Prophet ﷺ.

A screen from jinn. (Tabarānī)

Mention the Name of Allah when entering the house and eating.

Shaytān cannot spend the night in your home nor can he partake in your meal. (Muslim)

Pray Fajr in congregation.

One is in the protection of Allah. (Tabarānī)

When leaving the house

A source of guidance and protection and the devils can not get to you.
(Abū Dāwūd)

100x in the day

You will be safeguarded against shaytān on that day till the evening.

10x after Fajr & Maghrib

It will be a shield for you against all repulsive things and you will be guarded against shaytān. (Ahmad)

Morning, evening & before sleeping

Protection from the jinn. (Bukhārī & Tabarāni)

3x morning & evening

It will suffice you in all respects.

3x morning & evening

Nothing will harm you.

3x evening

You will be protected from insect stings. (Nasā’ī)

7x morning & evening

Allah will suffice you in everything that concerns you. (Abū Dāwūd)

Before sleeping

They will suffice you.